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Since the birth of my project, in addition to deliver a message of humanity, a way of thinking, it has always seemed obvious and essential to me to associate it with a solidarity project.

The project of the Centre d’Echanges et de Promotion des Artisans en Zones à Equiper (CEPAZE) is to build a training center for young girls in digital textile printing in Koussané, Mali.

Today, Mali is the leading producer of cotton in Africa, but only processes 2% of it.
Almost all of it is exported because there is no infrastructure to process it.
Contributing by facilitating the transfer of technical and technological skills while respecting their autonomy would allow Mali to transform cotton and export fabrics and finished products.
Moreover, thanks to digital printing, chemicals and heavy metals that are dangerous for the environment and the health of workers would be eliminated.

I am proud and excited about All Human’s participation and support of this great project.

I would like to thank Laurette, President of CEPAZE for her kindness and her confidence and I hope that we will move forward together in this beautiful adventure.

Do not hesitate to visit their website for more information.

A big THANK YOU for your support

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